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Prestige 6 Summer Session

  • RWCMD Castle Grounds Cardiff CF10 3ER (map)

The Prestige 6 Orchestra are a 30/50-piece hybrid jazz orchestra formed in 2018 by Daniel Hall and Christopher Turnbull with alumni and current students at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, based in Cardiff.


Unlike a traditional orchestra, the Prestige 6 Orchestra uses a reduced string section, the wind section is replaced with 5 saxophones, French horns are replaced with a mellophonium and a rhythm section is added, which is comprised of 2 guitars, 1 bass guitar, keyboard, drum kit and auxiliary percussion. The orchestra also invites singers to collaboratively perform with. The main goal of the orchestra is to adapt multiple modern musical genres such as; pop, jazz and EDM for hybrid orchestra to be performed in a non-classical setting.

Prestige 6 Orchestra takes you on a journey of club hits, exploring the different artists, genres and cultures associated with club music. This continuous mix of bangers is not to be missed.