Introducing Echo Music


The face of Cardiff jazz

Over the last few years the Cardiff live music scene has had its fair share of ups and downs. New venues and nights have opened up, whilst others have faded into the ether. This has had an effect on many musicians, bands, genres, and promoters across the capital, especially the ever-growing jazz scene. Thus Echo Music was born


Your guide to jazz in Cardiff and South Wales

Echo Music is a jazz brand. It was established as a go-to hub for the local jazz audience in Cardiff, serving also as a link to the wider UK jazz community. Through website and social media-based promotion, we aim to nurture the existing scene and organise many more opportunities for the local community.

Through the use of an online blog, we aim to bring you the best gig reviews, artist interviews and articles about the local jazz scene and the global jazz news.


From local to world leading

There is a huge world of incredible artists out there. Many are renowned and revered as true musical geniuses, inspiring audiences wherever they go. We intend to forge new relationships and build upon old ones, with the goal of bringing these musicians to Cardiff for concerts and workshops. This will help move the Cardiff jazz scene on to the global stage.


Our Legacy

To many, jazz is a style of music associated with the past. Yet born in the 20th Century, it is still relatively young.

The artistic creativity and core values within jazz are extremely relevant in society today. One of the most attractive aspects of jazz is social nature of the music.  It celebrates diversity, communication and community.

At Echo Music we are always looking to share our knowledge with the next generation of musicians. We offer a full range of educational services, specialising in performance skills and ensemble workshops.


Community support

The only way live music can survive is with input from all aspects of the scene. We are open to all suggestions from fans, musicians and anyone who feels they could contribute to the development of the website, the local jazz scene and beyond.

Live Music Lives

In a world saturated by music streaming services and 'access anywhere' music, it is important that we, the audience, support the tradition of live music. Real bands. Real musicians. There is something magical and personal to each concert goer about the art of the performance and the experience of a live gig.

We at Echo Music look to support our artists, their bands and the scenes they're involved in. Though specialising in jazz, we are apart of a larger music and entertainment community in Cardiff and will always look to help our friends in other areas of the music world.


Thank you

A big thank you to all you fans of jazz, live music and live entertainment. Your continued support of local artists helps many of them realise their dreams and bring to you a never-ending source of live entertainment. 

As a company we are at the beginning of our journey and are extremely excited at what the future holds. With many events and plans soon to be announced, we look forward to sharing our vision for the future of jazz in Cardiff with you.


Joe Northwood


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